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Testing times for Brad Jones on and off the track!

Integro Yamaha’s Brad Jones is bidding to go one better in the 2020 Quattro Group British Supersport Championship this season after finishing runner-up to his teammate Jack Kennedy last year and he has been busy preparing for the challenge!

The Integro Yamaha team had their first winter test at Almeria earlier in the month and Jones has been working hard in preparation for the opening round of the season at Silverstone this Easter.

Jones said: “It was really, really beneficial to complete four days full days out in Spain. I was a little bit rusty in the first few sessions, but I soon got back into it. We worked through some new ideas and I’m ready to go for the official test now. I hadn’t properly ridden since October, only my pit-bike but that is no comparison, so it was good to get back out and riding properly.

“Obviously I’m sharp on a bike again now after those four days. The bikes are brand new so there is going to be some things that we need to iron out, nothing major but there will be things we will need to dial in.

“I feel like by the end of the second day, we’ll be fully up to speed. For me I think winter testing will all be about doing longer runs, completing race runs and focusing on set-up with a used tyre.

“I’ll just rattle out consistent times and race my dash, rather than anyone else on track, because that will be important for this year so I am fast right up until the end of a race.”

During the winter, Jones has split up most of his time in the gym, and on in-door kart circuits with his tricked up pit-bike, but he also paid a visit to Loughborough University. During his visit, he went through extensive fitness tests, in order to show which areas needed improvement ahead of the 2020 season.

Jones added: “I have been doing a lot higher intensity cardio work, because I did a fitness test at Loughborough University, which was really useful. Based on that they have given me some training implications to improve such as lactic threshold, lactic turn point, V02 max, and lots more.

“To train those sorts of things you have to really go for it in the gym on the Watt bike, so you could say I have been doing a lot of cycling, but in the gym, not outside, I’m not brave enough for the cold weather!

“It was really cool actually; I spent about four hours there. They get you on their special bike and connect you up to all their machines and oxygen masks, then take blood samples so they can see where your fitness is at. Things such as how much power you can exert, how much oxygen your lungs need when you’re operating at high intensity.

“Then based on all the results they give you a full analysis of your performance and explain where you can improve and what you’ll notice when you make the changes in those certain areas. It’s nice to have a little bit more of a detailed training programme really.”

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