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Skinner continues dominant Supersport form!

Rory Skinner continued his dominant form in the Quattro Group British Supersport class, taking another victory in the Feature race at Silverstone. Skinner grabbed the holeshot and was able to extend his lead away at the front, with Currie running second and Brad Jones third. With Skinner enjoying a 1.6s lead, a safety car on lap five saw the group bunch back up.

With the race resuming on lap, Jones was immediately through into second but Skinner was able to immediately edge away at the front. Jamie Perrin moved up to third on lap 10, setting a new lap record in the process as he looked to close up on Jones, taking over second place on lap 12.

As Skinner controlled the race front the front, it was a four rider battle for second place with Perrin, Jones, Currie and Johnston trading places with every lap. A string of fast laps from Harry Truelove and Bradley Perie saw them enter the podium battle, coming down to the final lap fight with Jones moving from fourth to second in the final complex whilst Truelove completed the podium in third.

Perrin finished fourth, ahead of Currie, Tom Oliver, who was the leading GP2 machine, and Perie.


Quattro Group British Supersport Championship, Silverstone, Feature Race

  1. Rory Skinner (Tysers Yamaha)
  2. Brad Jones (Tysers Yamaha) +6.760s
  3. Harry Truelove (Truelove Brothers Racing Yamaha) +6.825s
  4. Jamie Perrin (Jamie Perrin Racing Yamaha) +6.878s
  5. Ben Currie (Gearlink Kawasaki) +7.916s
  6. Tom Oliver (Nova Racing GP2) +7.986s


Quattro Group British Supersport Championship Standings

  1. Rory Skinner (Tysers Yamaha) 150
  2. James Westmoreland (Gearlink Kawasaki) 84
  3. Brad Jones (Tysers Yamaha) 77
  4. Bradley Perie (Diamond H Racing Yamaha) 73
  5. Lee Johnston (Ashcourt Racing Yamaha) 59
  6. Harry Truelove (Truelove Brothers Racing Yamaha) 54

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